What is BWRT?

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BrainWorking Recursive Technology in the USA and other regions where 'therapy' is a restricted term) is a completely unique form of psychotherapy that was created by Terence Watts in 2011. Terence Watts, an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, was inspired to develop this therapy by scientific findings showing that our day to day reactions and decisions are made and acted upon before we become consciously aware of them. This can often be to our benefit such as when we have mastered a skill, such as driving or typing, so thoroughly that we are able to do it easily and automatically without having to consciously think ourselves through each stage of the process. However, it also explains why it is often so difficult to overcome unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours. These automatic reactions are continuously taking place before we become aware of them and so we have only limited power to change them. This accounts for the experience that so many of us have had of doing or saying something regrettable and then asking ourselves "Why did I do that?!"

The significance of this was immediately apparent to Terence who had for some time been trying to find answers to the questions of why we sometimes do things that we know aren't good for us, why we are sometimes unable to do things that we know we would really like to, why we sometimes fear things even though we know that there is no rational reason to do so, and why certain situations can sometimes make us uncomfortable without our having any idea why.

On the basis of a serious study of recent findings in psychology and brain science Terence went on to develop Brain Working Recursive Therapy, a completely unique form of therapy which employs an understanding of how this automatic reaction process occurs in order to allow clients to overcome their problems quickly and easily. Terence was assisted in the development of Brain Working Recursive Therapy by Rafiq Lockhat, a highly distinguished Clinical Psychologist from South Africa. Although qualified in delivering many forms of psychotherapy Rafiq quickly found that BWRT allowed him to achieve better and quicker results with his clients than any other form of therapy that he had previously used. He now uses BWRT exclusively in his clinic in Cape Town. In addition to treating his own patients with BWRT Rafiq trains other Clinical Psychologists and therapists in South Africa in this extraordinarily effective form of therapy.

The Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® has been given permission by the UK Secretary of State to use the designation "Institute" in recognition of the on-going research and development that has gone into creating and developing this therapy. Terence Watts continues to train more and more practitioners in BWRT and we are confident that the popularity and reputation of BWRT will only increase over coming years.

"I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist for 25 years and have worked in a number of settings, including adult mental health settings, physical health settings, palliative care services, stroke services and acquired brain injury services. My current work is predominantly (but by no means solely!) with people who have incurred physical and emotional traumas and people who have incurred brain injury. I can honestly say that BWRT has brought a whole new dimension to my practice. Results are obtained much quicker than by using for instance trauma focussed CBT. I am amazed to see clients being able to feel improvement almost immediately and pretty much painlessly." Clinical Psychologist Addy Hackett